My name is Faith.  I am a recent graduate of Kenyon College wondering what the future holds.  I studied abroad in England for a school year and long to go back for a visit.  I drink copious amounts of tea, love ice cream, and have not outgrown cartoons in the slightest.

I have a calm demeanor but inside I’m a jumble of nerves and a well of laughter.

I’m chronically timid, perhaps charmingly shy, and well meaning.  As someone who has struggled with esteem, I am learning to accept mercy and grace and to love my neighbor as myself, a lifelong endeavor and one I grow passionate about as my personal faith in God and the beauty of life deepens more and more.

I have a lot of thoughts and love to write them down.  That’s how I process my world.  So here I write about observations about life, some personal, some general.  It’s way to get back into the practice of writing for fun and finding my voice.  And it’s an outlet as I build my writing portfolio for a career track.

From writerly dreams to baking feats, here are my everyday thoughts.

To contact me, please email faithwordsandwhimsy@gmail.com.


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