Weekly Writing Challenge: A Poem

The Daily Post Writing Challenge this week was to do something different.  It’s been a while since I’ve written a poem.  I love poetry, but it’s not my forté.  My posts are usually non-fiction musing, and I’ve recently tried to post fiction (instead of just saying I write it).  Poem writing was a nice exercise.  I like how poetry makes you slow down, breathe, and meditate.  I’ll have to practice it some more.  So let me know what you think about the poem.  Also, if anyone has advice on how to best work a poem on WordPress, please let me know, because I had a losing battle with formatting.


We take flight in a cacophony of calls

Farewell song and greeting

Settle in playgrounds and parking lots

Near lakes and ponds

Your homes

Leaving offerings of ourselves to you

Our gracious hosts

Who honk cars and we answer with honks of our own

For we have the right of way

And our inconveniences are temporary

Soon you will forget our calls

Only realizing you missed us once we have returned

Offering matins

Ushering you into a new day

A year around again

So give thanks

For breath


Beautiful flight

Freedom and ritual intertwined

Rise and fall


And fall

So with our call we leave

To return when we’re needed most and you never knew


2 thoughts on “Weekly Writing Challenge: A Poem

  1. Aw, I like your poem. You picked a good theme I think… I especially like the first few lines. (Cacophony is one of my favorite words.) As for the formatting, if you go into HTML view in WordPress, put nothing except (without the spaces) between every line that you want to be single-spaced. That will put a single-space line BReak instead of a double-spaced new Paragraph like and tags do.

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