Soundtrack of My Life: Hold Me Still by Forever Jones

It’s hard for me to name one favorite song, because there are songs that speak to the moment and play over and over in my head.  That’s why I talk about the soundtrack of my life.  They are the key elements that describe the scene perfectly.  I have a new favorite song, then a different one, and then something will trigger the last favorite song and I’m back on that one.

I gravitate toward songs with uplifting messages.  If I’m feeling down, I want something to boost my mood.  And if I’m feeling wonderful, I want to celebrate the moment.

Song of the moment: “Hold Me Still” by Forever Jones.

It’s gospel music, but real light and pretty with great vocals.  Love the lyrics too:

“You said, ‘Don’t worry about your future, daughter. Just think about the things that matter.’ So I won’t magnify the small things anymore.  I’ll only glorify the Father.

“Cause you hold me still when the waves around begin to build.  I’m in your hand even though sometimes it’s hard to stand.  You have my heart and you hold it still.”

Nice to remember the comfort of love and the power of a confident outlook. 🙂

What song is encouraging you right now?  Anything playing over and over in your head?


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