Sisterhood of the Traveling Heels

Last summer I went on a shopping trip with my sisters and mom. It was a nice to spend time with them after studying abroad for 9 months and then spending most of the summer working away at school. We were doing some school shopping, getting ready for college. I don’t remember any of us needing new shoes when we stepped into TJ Maxx, but we looked over the shoe section and fell in love with a pair of heels.

Some women wear heels all the time. None of us fit that description, but we were thinking about nice outfits the heels would complement. I thought of a green dress I’d bought recently and thought the shoes would add some great visual interest. (Can you tell I’ve been watching a lot of What Not To Wear lately?) My sisters voiced their love for the shoes as well. We decided to buy them so we could all wear them, sending them to each other when needed.

Not the flashiest of shoes, but just the style that my sisters and I love: simply cute.

In Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants it was magical moment when the friends could fit the same pair of jeans.  There was no fit surprise for my sisters and I. We all wear the same shoe size. But there was definitely fun involved in having shoe we all loved belonging to all three of us.

Somehow the passing on of the shoes went in birth order. We really based it on who had a big outing coming, but that happened to go in birth order. I was up first. I went to a friend’s wedding reception.  The event and the weekend surrounding it was incredibly fun, but wearing the heels was not. They made my feet hurt terribly. I am not of the mind that beauty is pain or pain is beauty, whatever. I dress for comfort. My go to outfit is jeans, a fitted T-shirt, and Converses. It was not my first time wearing heels but my feet never hurt as terribly as that. I couldn’t even put the shoes back on after I took them off to dance. I limped my way to the car with my friends.

Next the shoes went to the middle sister.  I was sure she’d do much better with the heels. She’s athletic and wears heels more than I do. When she returned with the heels, she said they killed her feet. The heels were too painful for her to wear too! After she pried off the shoes, she couldn’t find her baby toe. It was scrunched under foot, waiting to be rescued.

My youngest sister was warned about the shoes but she wore them anyway. And guess what? She had no problem with them! She had a great time and so did her feet.  Maybe she had the perfectly shaped feet for this particular pair of heels or she just knows how to manage heels better.

In the end the magic of the traveling heels worked to find the true owner of the shoes. It chose which sister was worthy.


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