Simple Steps Forward

Here’s to the past few days stepping out of my comfort zone, enjoying the great outdoors, and celebrating being a year older.

*The cake is Chocolate-Earl Grey Pound Cake.  Pound cake taste with subtle but delicious hints of cocoa and black tea.  Yummy.  Recipe here.


4 thoughts on “Simple Steps Forward

  1. Thanks for the recipe, pound cake well filling just didn’t quite tantalize the taste buds. However being a caffeine addict, this one just might have that zip zowie and zing too it.

    • You’re welcome for the recipe and thanks for stopping by my blog! I don’t think this cake will have the zip and zing you’re looking for. The flavors are more subtle, though really complex and mellow. You might like it. You can always eat it while drinking a cup of black tea or coffee to get that caffeine. Also, there are a bunch of other Earl Grey chocolate cake recipes on the internet with more tea and more chocolate, so that might fulfill your caffeine addiction.

      • Haha! That’s the first time I’ve heard pound cake described as bland. A good pound cake should be sweet and buttery, not bland, so maybe trying the Earl Grey one or my family’s favorite, 7-Up Cake, you might have a different opinion. Maybe not. Good to meet someone who thinks differently.

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