England Travel Love

I’ve been thinking about England quite a bit lately.  In a couple months it will be 2 years since I landed in London for my year abroad.  I’ve been longing some of the independence and fun I had on that study abroad trip.  And, oh yeah, the Olympics are opening in London this Friday!

I’m very excited.  Feeling nostalgic.  I studied at the University of Exeter in the southwest of England.  (Posts about that at my old blog.)  I spent most of my time abroad in Exeter, but I did visit London quite a few times.  It was only 2.5 hours away by train.  To Europeans 2 hours may be a long travel time.  For Americans 2 hours is a breeze in comparison to the long cross country road trips you could take.  I mean, I’ve made the trip from Ohio to the south many times and that’s 6+ hours in a car.  A 2 hour train ride is nothing compared to that, andI loved that accessibility.  Travel was easy with trains, walkable towns, and great subway systems like the Tube in London.  Right now I’m mostly confined to my neighborhood.  After the freedom of my England experience, my cabin fever is pretty strong.  Of course England is probably not that accessible right now since the world has their sites on the island to celebrate and participate in the Olympic Games.  All that hectic atmosphere is too much for me.  Yet I still think about London with fondness and look forward to visiting again sometime in the future.

Mind the gap and keep calm and carry on. 😉


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