Keep Calm, Carry Yarn, and Crochet the Elements

I love crafts.  Crafts are a nice break from intellectual rigor with their tactility and beauty.  I’ve done paper crafts, drawing, metal jewelry making, beading, and sewing, but my most favorite crafts have to do with yarn.  I learned how to knit and crochet at the beginning of high school.  It took a lot of concentration and frustration to really learn, but I stuck with it.  Eight years later I have worked on many projects and amassed a large collection of yarn.

Now that I’m back at home after college, I wanted to find a knitting group to be a part of, be social, and do something I love.  I had heard that the public libraries had knit nights.  In June I went to one library knit night.  It was nice but I didn’t really connect with anyone.  A few days ago I tried a different library knit night and I liked this one a lot.  I was the youngest one there but I felt very welcome.  Chairs were arranged in a circle, there were snacks, and we did show-and-tell with our projects.  I loved laughing with the women about knitting jokes we understand, like understanding the truth of Keep Calm and Carry Yarn slogan, and how knitters and non-knitters responded differently to the knitting Wimbledon spectator.  I look forward to going next month.

The project I’m working on crocheting an Avatar: The Last Airbender blanket with large squares of each of the four elements.  I started the project a year ago and am not near halfway done.  But it’s a lot of fun because it’s crochet and it connects with one of my favorite TV shows.  The ladies at the knit nights thought the square I was working on was very pretty, but they didn’t connect with it’s nerdiness so much.  The only person who recognized the symbols was a young mother who said, “Oh, that looks familiar.  I think my son watches that show.”  Oh well.  Perhaps I’ll find more people in my area as geeky like me soon. 😉

Click HERE here for the original pattern and pictures of what the finished project should look like.

And here are pictures of what I’ve done so far:

Air. This square is all finished, waiting for the other 3 to join it in harmony. Since this is my first square and the pattern was tricky there are some mistakes.  I like it nevertheless.

Fire in progress.  I’m loving the vibrant red and black.  I took this picture at the beginning of the week so I’m much farther alone now.

Now that I have more free time I hopefully will be able to really work hard at this project and have it finished before another year goes by.  I’ll keep you posted on how it goes.

Any other Avatar: The Last Airbender/ Legend of Korra fans out there?  Any other yarn fanatics?  The two combined? 🙂


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