The Sunshine Award

I am very flattered and pleased to say that Faith, Words and Whimsy won The Sunshine Award.  I was one of the blogs Lisa of Writer’s Block Party felt was full of positive and uplifting content.  Thank you!  This feels especially wonderful because I woke up thinking my blog wasn’t that good, and when I checked my blog there is a comment from Lisa letting me know that she feels my blog deserves the Sunshine Award.  Brightened my day.  I hope others enjoy the posts as well.  I enjoy writing here and thinking of what to talk about next.

As the Sunshine Award perhaps points to, I like to put a positive spin on things.  I am a frequent worrier, the “Charlie Browniest” of the group, if you will.  I often times see the negative when it comes to myself in relation to others.  Shyness is the fear of what others think, and that is a strong fear with me.  Nevertheless, I’m better at not letting shyness control my life and I don’t want to be that constant downer.  Sometimes it’s not what happens that matter, but how you see and interpret it.  I’m trying to embrace that more and more and it seems that I’ve let some sun shine through.  (The cozy yellow color scheme also helps.)

To accept the award, I post the pretty picture of the flower, answer some random questions, and then nominate 10 other blogs.

Favorite number: My favorite number definitely has to be 6.  It’s associated with the color green in my mind, my favorite color.  3’s are also green, just a different shade, and 6 is a multiple of 3.  I don’t have actual synesthesia, the overlapping of senses, but maybe it’s residual connections from how babies process their world.  I’d like to think so.  Also, I think it’s cool because my birth certificate says I was born at 6:16 pm.  I found this out way after I decided I liked the color 6, I mean, the number 6, which is green.  So I’ve had a connection with the number 6 since birth.  (1 is white, by the way.  Ask me about other numbers…)

Favorite non-alcoholic drink: Elderflower presse.  I discovered this drink a couple of weeks before I left England.  I wish I had found it sooner!  It’s a sparkling water with the subtle flavor of elderflower, a delicate floral taste.  In England there was also elderflower cordial, a syrup here in America, except it’s a syrup to be added to drinks and not to pancakes.  Now I’m trying to hunt down this and other floral drinks.

Facebook or Twitter?: Definitely Facebook.  I have long ago stopped using my Twitter.  I don’t see the benefit of me using it.

My Passion: Writing and reading.  Travel too.  I’m currently limited as to where I can travel, but I do like to go different places, see different things, experience pieces of culture.  As long as I can find a quiet place to reflect and don’t have to engage stuff way out of my comfort zone, I’m good with travel.

Favorite pattern: This is a confusing question.  What kind of pattern?  Well, I knit and crochet following patterns, so I’ll say my favorite kind of craft pattern is crocheting granny squares.  When you connect the granny squares you have another pattern of repeats too.  (Look at beautiful example.)

Favorite flower: I love the bright color of sunflowers and tiger lilies, and I love the scent of lilacs.


That’s the end of the questions, so now I pass on the Sunshine Award.  These blogs brighten my day.  I learn inspiring things from them, see what makes them happy, see what new thing they’ve created, and what awesome things are happening in their lives.

The bloggers I would like to present the Sunshine Award to are:

Small Moments of Happiness

Great Smitten

Thoroughly Booked

As I See It

Nancy Creative

Kristin Lamb’s Blog

Mere Inkling

One Sheepish Blog

A Year in Glass

Sunny-Side Always

Go check them out and enjoy what they post.  And remember to check out Lisa’s blog Writer’s Block Party too. ^_^


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