“Try Not To Be Too Down” Positivity Abounds

Here’s another great quote reminding me that it’s great to really love and enjoy the great things in life.  It’s hard to remember because I am often too hard on myself.  I can guilt trip myself over the smallest things.  Focusing on the negative makes me forget the things that have made me smile and keep me from living in the moment to make more positive connections.  Instead of worrying, I can live and enjoy that livelihood.  Really glad to find this poster picture.

I found this quote pic through the Pinterest board “Good Stuff Happens” that Bus 52 put up.   Bus 52 is a project where 5 people (one of them a friend) drive around the country showcasing inspiring stories by talking with the people who provide these great opportunities.  Get to see great stories that make the world brighter because you now know they are out there.  Follow the journey of Bus 52 to connect with great positive things happening around us.


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