Saturday Baking

Yesterday was a baking day.  I was eager to do something, anything, besides just sitting around watching TV.  There were a couple bananas on the counter turning black, so I knew it was time to finally make banana bread.  I didn’t want to do just the same old recipe for banana bread I’ve done before.  There were zucchini in the frigerator so I searched on Google for a zucchini banana bread recipe.  Lo and behold, there are recipes for such a thing!  I used this recipe from

When I bake, I bake to music.  Really, I do most things to music.  I would love to have a constant soundtrack playing like my life was a movie.  (Hence the Soundtrack of My Life posts.)  I have a Spotify playlist called Dance Around My Room that has some Beyonce, some Tobymac, a couple Justin Bieber songs (don’t judge), and a bunch of other stuff that is upbeat, catchy, and lighthearted.

So I danced around and sang along to that while I grated zucchini and mixed together the ingredients.  Also, I made some discoveries.  First, flour smells like comfort.  I opened the container and it was the scent of bread called up memories of warm blankets and childhood and waiting for Christmas cookies to rise.  Second, I realized as I got everything ready that I’d have to make some changes to the recipe.  I didn’t have any banana extract.  I mean, who does though?  The bananas were overly ripe so they probably take care of any extra banana taste the extract would call for calls for.  Then I discovered we didn’t have canola oil in the cabinet, only olive oil.  I don’t like baking with olive oil because it has such a strong flavor, but I used it.  Then I used the last of what was left in the small bottle of vanilla extract.  I think it was enough though because mixing up the wet ingredients gave off a pleasant vanilla pudding smell.  Last step was folding in the zucchini.  The shredded zucchini had sat and got concentrated so it smelled like kiwi and kind of looked like it too.  But stirred up it looked pretty nice and I just had to wait for it to finish baking.  All in all it was a thrown together effort like most of my baking endeavors but it was fun.

And the best part of baking?  Eating what you bake!  It was the most delicious and moist banana bread I’ve ever tasted, and the banana gave a sweetness zucchini bread sometimes needs.  The recipe made two regular size loaves for me.  Because it’s my family most of the both loaves were devoured in a couple of hours.  The first loaf was gone in minutes, really.  I couldn’t even taste the olive oil!  I thought the banana flavor wasn’t especially strong, but I think it was still a bit too much for my dad who doesn’t like bananas.  I look forward to baking and eating this bread again, though. 🙂

Sorry I don’t have any pictures.  I’m not so used to documenting stuff in pictures.  By the time I thought to take a picture, most of the bread was gone.


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