It’s Really Not That Complicated

Feel accomplished today.  I drove to work this morning.  It was only a five minute drive and my mom was sitting in the passenger’s seat, but I did it!  The route was through mostly quiet residential streets with two main intersections I had to cross.  One of the intersections had me crossing the tracks for the rapid line.  That was tricky with the streets going at diagonals and me having to turn, straighten, turn to get across.  Hard to explain.  I didn’t do it perfectly but I got to work fine.

Everyone tells me driving is so simple but today it finally clicked that that’s true.  You just do it.  I tend to over think everything, which can make even the simplest things anxiety-inducing because I expect expect it to be super hard.  For example I took a sewing class at Kenyon this past semester.  I thought it would be a huge challenge but suddenly I turned the sewn parts inside out and I had a purse!  I stared in awe.  My instructor and the other student in the class laughed at me because I could not wrap my head around it.  There was nothing to wrap my head around, to analyze, to figure out, but I was trying my best to complicate it so I could solve it.  I was treating driving the same way.  Not necessary at all.

Something that was a big help today was a pillow.  All the other times I’ve tried to drive I’ve had trouble seeing over the front of the car and everything out the rear view mirror.  I would just have to trust that I wasn’t going to hit what I couldn’t really see.  This morning I put a pillow on my seat and it made a world of difference.  I could see so clearly!  I’m average height but the height I get comes from my legs with my torso being shorter.  I may be the same height as someone standing up but sitting down I’m shorter than them.  (Thanks a lot scoliosis…)  But it’s not big deal anymore.  Just need to keep a handy dandy pillow to boost my body and my confidence.  I’ll get this driving down soon enough.


2 thoughts on “It’s Really Not That Complicated

  1. It’s true that it’s easy.. after you get the hang of it. I remember over-thinking everything in the beginning, too. But maybe today was the confidence boost you needed!
    P.S: Love the pillow.

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