What God asks of men…(Quote)

“What God asks of men, said Graham, is faith. His invisibility is the truest test of that faith. To know who sees him, God makes himself unseen.”

Laura Hillenbrand quotes Billy Graham in her novel “Unbroken”.  I’m nearing the end of the story after my friend let me keep the book longer.  I love this book and this man’s story.  My life is nowhere near as momentous as Louis Zamperini’s, but I definitely connect with how in the story, in his life, things suddenly connect and what once was invisible with no meaning suddenly is seen with a new significance.  I have been surprised so many times by seeing God where I thought he could not be found.  Those moments have strengthened my faith, and yet I’m always amazed and thankful when I again I see that God is waiting patiently, caring and hoping we recognize his care.  Amen to this quote, amen.

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