Kenyon, Fare Thee Well

Today it finally hit me that I graduated from college.  Now is when the tears finally come.  It’s been two weeks since I’ve said goodbye to most people and just a matter of hours since I said goodbye to those at a friend’s lovely wedding.  It was so nice to celebrate with people I care so much about.  I hadn’t felt the weight of it all in the moments I had to say goodbye but now I do.  I wish I had said more in those partings, I wish I made it more personal.  All of my feelings can’t be summed up in words and some can only be expressed in tears, but here is all I can say now from the bottom of my heart:

I miss you.  The minute I said goodbye I started missing you because I knew there would be moments where I wish you were within reach to hug, to laugh with, to talk with, to be silent with, to sit out and watch the stars with.

I wish all of you all the best.  I pray we can meet up again.  More than pray, I plan to keep in touch and spend time together.  It took me so long to reach out and make connections of significance, I’m not letting go.  I look forward to seeing who we become, how we change and how we stay the same.

Thank you for changing my life.

Love you.

Faith Bell

“But when we are far from Kokosing,
We still shall hear a calling bell,
When round us evening shades are closing;
Farewell, Old Kenyon,
Fare thee well.”

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