What I’m Reading: Unbroken

Happy Memorial Day!

I’ve started reading Unbroken by Laura Hillenbrand.  Totally a coincidence I read about a WWII veteran during this holiday.  A friend gave me his copy to read months ago.  The book just sat on my shelf at school because I was too caught up in schoolwork and the Hunger Games craze to pay attention to what I figured was a mostly dry biography.  But recently people told me again how much they loved the book, going into detail about just how much they were arrested.  They literally could not put the book down.  So after not being able to get into a young adult novel that should’ve been light fun reading, I finally started Unbroken and was immediately sucked in.

I get excited over word choice.  When a description, a word, is just right, I love it.  I will reread sentences and keep lists of words that arrest me.  As I’ve grown older I’ve become a slower reader because I will sit and just imagine the scene in greater and greater detail.  That’s what has me hooked to Hillenbrand’s book from the first page.  In just the opening there is so much to visualize.  The description of the action is so engaging, so far from dry facts.  I am there.  What hits me is that someone lived through this!  This isn’t just an intriguing story that billowed around in an author’s mind until it overflowed onto a page.  This is a true story that Hillenbrand brought to life and presented to a wider audience.  I LOVE STORIES!  I love how they can smack an unsuspecting reader upside the head and take hold of their interest.  It’s comforting to have a book to share hours with, being assured that you will enjoy the journey.  It’s also so nerve-wracking to know the journey you find yourself in is far from easy and at some point it will end.  But at least in the moment it’s you, the words, and your imagination.

I’m using my favorite bookmark for this book.  No scraps of paper for it, just the awesomeness that is a Book Rug bookmark.  There have been times I thought I lost this bookmark over the years few year I’ve had it.  I was seriously distressed.  If I lose it, I may very well cry.  I’ll have to ask for another for my birthday or Christmas.

I have less than five days to finish this book.  Now it’s time to make reading a priority instead of watching movies and scrolling through Pinterest.  This will be fun.

2 thoughts on “What I’m Reading: Unbroken

  1. This is so inspiring! I’ve been wanting to read this book, but don’t really have the money to buy it at this time. I do hope to read it someday, though!

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